Blah blah blah pinned post programmer computer program rp thing haha so silly :3


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Eminem brought Shady back to prove to fans that Shady isn't appropriate anymore but instead people commenting are just saying they agree with it and are glad he finally said what everyone was thinking

New eminem album concept is that his old self is trying to cancel him in modern day, but I can't help but wonder if some of the things he says are his actual opinions in disguise

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Yknow, I didn't care about the first lucky thing, but it's abundantly clear now that she shouldn't be trusted

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Didn't expect Em to rap twice about necrophilia on this new album

That and mentioning transrace... wow... really is a radqueer record

I wanna make some tierlists on stream what should I do

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I love that Ian Watkins password was "I FUK KIDZ"

I love having my ego validated but it also feels weird sometimes. It's hard to explain

I know I'm cool and shit and knowing that other people do is awesome, yknow, self love and all that, but I can't help but also feel like its... selfish? Bad?

But at the same time I need to be that. I have the need to be popular, to be desired, to be envied.

god I'm so fucking dehydrated

almost chugged 3 bottles of water today and have barely needed to piss

what not drinking water for multiple days, taking Spiro, and cottonmouth to do a mf

New eminem album drops tonight apparently

Anyo is so 12 I love it