Blah blah blah pinned post programmer computer program rp thing haha so silly :3

will people leave me alone for two seconds i'm trying to watch the new twenty one pilots music videos

i love how many asian people live in washington

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I considered making an instance for my partners and then I remembered and threw up a bit in my mouth

I considered making an instance for my partners and then I remembered and threw up a bit in my mouth

Well that was interesting. Just watched a dozen Amish people all get off a bus

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40 more to go!

I have determined that I have a "try not to get caught" kink

Its an aspect of exhibitionism I enjoy: being nude in public and trying not to get caught, as well as with adultery. I've never cheated like that, but it's hot to imagine fucking someone while their partner is nearby, trying to hide it

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One of the things I hope to do is inspire, but not only inspire, I want to make people envious. Why? I want people to hear about me coming out, meeting pedi friends, doing panels, and everything else that could be called "activism" and do it for themselves. I was pretty depressed for a long time after getting doxxed, but it's not as bad anymore because I've been doing those things.

I know some people have real barriers in the way, and those are valid. I don't want anyone endangering themselves, but for those that can, weigh the pros and cons. You just may be surprised at what you can do and how much better it'll make your life.

I used to, and still do, look at people in better situations than I and feel a sense of envy, but now I can't help but feel like they were trying to make me desperate so that I would take the leap.

You too can do it. I want to inspire the same envy that I feel because of what it's helped me do.

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Ok apparently that post piqued your interest lol

My coworker has been really wanting to become friends with me, but I've been telling her I can't get close cuz of trust issues

Blah blah blah were going back and forth and I'm trying to kind of hint it out but I definitely don't outright say it

Eventually she says she has a friend that's a zoophile, so I figure she's on the right track. She says she has a theory based on a comment I made about pawoo earlier (I brought it up as a joke but she didn't know what it was so she looked it up)

I asked her what she thought I was, to tell me the first letter. She said P, and I asked if the second letter was an E and if it ended with an A and she said yes.

So then I finally told her about my map pride button and what it meant and slowly things started to make sense lol.

I'm not sure how she feels about contact stance, but she at least seems to be cool with me rn, in her words she says that she probably should care but she just doesn't lol.

Anyways yeah that's how I came out to my coworker. Told her a bit about maps and intersectionality with lgbtq+, yada yada yada

Oh also I came out to my coworker as a pedo lollll

Also it's crazy to me that she's 9 now. I always talk about 8 year olds, but she's not even 8 anymore...

I should hurry up and say my aoa is 6+ already. I only say it's 8+ because the youngest irl crush I've had was 8, but I know I like 6 year olds lol

Wtf is happening

4 chat invites in 24 hours

So many new people on pedi it's weird